Agency Priorities

Lao Family Priorities

Lao Family Community Empowerment focuses on three priority areas because we believe they are the areas of greatest need and benefit to Northern California’s Southeast Asian community.


Throughout American history, the opportunity for a quality education has been the key to success. We believe in expanding the education opportunities for Southeast Asian families, and provide: 

  • Early-Childhood Education programs that help prepare children to learn in school and teach their parents how to be their children’s primary teachers. 
  • Parent-Engagement programs that link parents to their children’s schools and make them active partners in their children’s educations.

The goal of all Lao Family education programs in to improve student achievement in school and promote primary and higher education. 

Health Services

Lao Family was a founding member of the Hmong Health Collaborative, a nine-agency coalition of California agencies that works together to identify and address health disparities in the Hmong population, which include chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and hepatitis infection rates. 

Our health programs focus on expanding the availability of quality health care and reducing the barriers Southeast Asian families can have in accessing that care. We provide education and outreach services as well as case management to help reduce health disparities in our communities. 

Mental Health Services

There is a tremendous need for mental health services in many Southeast Asian communities. The traumas of war and dislocation have left lasting scars on many, and cultural barriers continue to limit the acceptance of mental health services in some communities. 

Lao Family works to expand the availability and acceptance of mental health services in all Southeast Asian communities.

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