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About Lao Family

Lao Family Community Empowerment was founded in 1984 as Lao Family Community of Stockton to serve the thousands of Hmong refugees arriving in the area following the Vietnam War. In those early years, Lao Family provided critical services for newcomers – English-language education and employment programs, housing assistance and health outreach, mental health services and acculturation training.

Led by a community-based Board of Directors, Lao Family’s programs and service area have evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of Southeast Asian families and refugees in Northern California. Today we serve an eight-county region extending from Stanislaus County to Butte County, focusing on our priority service areas of Education, Health and Mental Health.

In addition, Lao Family provides outreach services as a subcontractor to other non-profits and community agencies, leveraging our unparalleled ability to outreach, educate and engage Southeast Asian families to help other agencies reach that population and expand services in that community.  

Lao Family Community Empowerment is a fiscally responsible and financially stable non-profit with a proven track record of performance and results. We have offices in both Stockton and Sacramento.

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