The Project


With property provided by the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds in Stockton, California, Lao Family Community Empowerment and the Hmong community intends to build a world-class monument of the late General Vang Pao to honor his lifetime of great leadership, service, and contribution to our community and recognize him as a figure in Hmong history. .

Who We Are

Lao Family Community Empowerment, Inc., formerly known as Lao Family Community of Stockton, Inc., is a non-profit public benefit organization under Sections 5110-6910 of the California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law and under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code for charitable purposes.

Lao Family Community was founded by General Vang Pao (GVP) more than 30 years ago as a mutual-assistance organization dedicated to helping Hmong and other Southeast Asian refugees adjust to life in the United States. In the decades since our founding, the challenges and needs of the Southeast Asian and refugee communities have changed.

At Lao Family Community Empowerment, we have adapted to meet these changing needs. In the past, the organization was focused on meeting the needs of immigrants and refugees and helping them adjust to their new life in America. The agency now focuses on assisting and empowering families and individuals to become independent and productive citizens and to actively engage and participate in the community and society. Our staff is diverse and multilingual; the individuals and families we serve come from many ethnic backgrounds; and our services are available to all members of the community who qualify for them. Our organization is recognized for the quality of its executive and Board leadership and its commitment to ethics and accountability.

The General Vang Pao memorial project is a product of the efforts of the community and Lao Family Community Empowerment. To ensure the success of this project, Lao Family Community Empowerment has formed a committee, the Central California General Vang Pao Monument Project Committee, who is specifically responsible for this project including working directly with the community to fundraise for the building of the monument.