Frequently Asked Question

What does the monument represent?

The General Vang Pao memorial is about remembrance. It is representative of the General’s leadership and services to remind us of his sacrifices for our success.

Why build the memorial at the Fairgrounds instead of at the State Capital or Washington, DC?

Lao Family has had a unique opportunity to build this memorial because of the support we received from the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Board of Directors. The generosity of the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Board of Directors is truly appreciated and because this is a project that could only be possible with community involvement, we must be thankful for opportunities such as this one.

It is very important for the Hmong people to understand that building a memorial at larger locations such as the California State Capital or Washington D.C. is not an easy process. If a memorial were to be built at either of these two locations, it would have many political implications and as such would require extensive consideration from elected officials. It would take a lot more public and political leaders’ support to get a project like this approved in such locations.

Because this project is so important to our community we should take advantage of opportunities such as the one we have been given by the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds Board of Directors. When this project is completed, it will create a foundation for what we are trying to accomplish and will pave the way for us to someday get the support we need to build one at a larger public location like the California State Capital or Washington, DC.

Why not build some sort of overhang or cover to protect the monument from weather and other types of damage?

The biggest concern in this instance is whether or not an overhang would distract from the monument and the concern of additional cost to add on to the project. Right now we would like to focus our efforts on building the best monument we can to honor the General. After the memorial is built, we may consider the second phase of building a cover but for now, our main concern is the memorial itself.

What if people damage the memorial?

Just like any memorial, there is no guarantee that no one will damage or deface the memorial. Instead of focusing on this, we should consider that it will be placed at a secure location, the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds is enclosed by a fence and is usually locked at night. There are also people that work at the Fairgrounds who will be able to report any vandalism that may occur.

What if people climb on it and touch the statue of the General?

The platform of the monument is 6 feet high and on top of that platform is where the General’s statue will stand. This platform will not be easy to climb at such a height, and we don’t believe people can easily touch the statue of the General. They may be able to touch his feet but that may be the length of their reach.